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  • Melissa Ostrom and Brittany Jones

Inspire Weddings + Events: The Journey Begins!

Who We Are

Inspire Weddings + Events was founded by two passionate individuals who crossed paths in a previous career over a decade ago and dreamt of owning a business together one day. Melissa and Brittany are driven by embracing the joys in life. They are protective of their energy and strive to focus on family, friends and working towards meaningful goals. For both of them, weddings have held a special place in their hearts long before they met over 10 years ago. With their experience at Inspire Bridal Boutique, they’ve tailored the venue to target today’s couples. They are creative, strong willed and eager to provide the wedding planning experience everyone deserves.

What We Do

At Inspire Weddings + Events, we provide an upscale but affordable and modern but classy wedding and event venue for today’s couples. We pride ourselves in providing superior service to execute every event to the highest standard. We understand that the most important part of your day is the vows you are sharing with your favorite person ever. We personalize our experience based service off of who you are as a couple and what is most important to you on that day!

When We Do It

Inspire Weddings + Events will be opening October 2021. We are available to host your event any day of the week. Weddings will be our primary focus and we have booking packages available for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. We will also offer the space for private rental for other events such as anniversary parties, holiday parties, company training and more.

Where We Do It

Inspire Weddings + Events will be located in historic downtown New Ulm at 126 N Minnesota Street. New Ulm’s downtown business district provides a charming setting to compliment any event held at our location. We are within walking distance of several restaurants, bars, boutiques and other specialty shops.

How We Do It

Hard work, passion and dedication. We believe a strong team is the foundation of a successful business. We focus on strengths and contributing talents to get the job done to the highest standard. When you choose to join the Inspire family, you become family to us. Your experience is extremely important and truly is our highest priority.

Why We Do It

Simply put, we love weddings. We have experienced the magic of a wedding day both personally and professionally. There is something about that day that is just so special for everyone involved. Of course, the couple, this is the beginning of a new adventure, a life of love and laughter. This symbolic event brings all the people you care about together to celebrate your love and the start of a beautiful adventure together. We recognize this is a very special day for parents and other family members and we can’t wait to celebrate with all.

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